LANmapper is a revolutionary LAN/Network discovery and mapping tool quite unlike anything else on the market.

LANmapper is a comprehensive and powerful tool that maps your network infrastructure. It shows what services are available across the network and what paths they take across multiple devices. Using a LANmapper produced network map, and the extant access polices, it is possible to tailor your network to meet industry best practices.

The Problem

The interconnectivity of current computing architectures can expose businesses to potentially huge levels of risk. The on-line storage of credit card information and intellectual property have increased both the impact and likelyhood of all types of cybercrime.
To deliver defense-in-depth, and in line with best practice, many organizations design their network into zones, and attempt to control access between these.
LANmapper allows you to determine the most efficient use of these zones. With this knowledge you can understand the impact of any future network segmentation changes.

Know Your Network Better Than Ever

To be confident in your network security, you need to know exactly what is happening throughout your infrastructure. In addition to analysing individual hosts, LANmapper automatically monitors connections to all directly connected devices as well.


Industry regulations and standards such as PCI:DSS, SOX and ISO27001 incorporate specific requirements for network security, compliance maybe obtained today, but firewall rules often become obsolete over time. As unused/unwanted rules accumulate, they increase the complexity of managing your firewall and add to security risk. LANmapper will determine rules that are no longer needed and unused - allowing rationalisation of existing firewall rulebases. It identifies rules that can be removed without changing the security and business function.
Demonstrating compliance to security auditors can consume significant time and resources. Using LANmapper's inbuilt reporting it is simple to demonstrate a mapping between firewall rules and business process, often resulting in substantially less auditor sampling.
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